How can I make a reservation?

Booking with Checktofly© is simple:

Directly from our website, previously registering as a client.

How far in advance do I have to make a reservation?

Reservations must be confirmed no later than 48hrs before the scheduled flight date so we can properly manage the service.

When will my luggage be collected?

Once the reservation is made, we will confirm the time of collection of your luggage through the email or telephone indicated.

If my flight changes its schedule, can I modify the agreed pick-up time?

The luggage collection time may be modified when notified at least 8 hours before the departure time of the flight, without any surcharge.

Notify us of the changes through our website in the section "Pick-up data modifications".

Can I change the initial collection address?

Yes, as long as it is notified with a minimum of 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

Can I carry golf clubs or my bicycle?

In case you have special baggage, golf clubs, bikes, musical instruments, etc, please indicate in the boking process in the section DATA OF THE SERVICES "Special luggage". We recommend consulting the regulations of your airline through its website.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Of course. See the section "Terms and Conditions" which explains how to do it, and if cancellation fees are applicable.

Please send an email to: info@checktofly.com or through the website in the section "Contact Us"

How do I know that my luggage is managed and stored safely?

Checktofly© applies strict security procedures based on the National Security Plan (PNS) established to all airlines, that forces us to exercise caution with regard to transport and luggage storage.

  • We count with qualified staff with specific training to carry out all management processes and careful handling of your luggage.
  • Each bag is perfectly identified by barcode labels of the corresponding flight, and is supervised at all times until it is deposited into the airport facilities.
  • Services are always made with two agents ensuring that luggage will always be properly guarded.

What happens if my luggage does not arrive at destination?

We have a service protocol to solve any incident. The section "Term and Conditions" inform you about the economic compensation for delay or theft of checked baggage.

What if my luggage is damaged?

Our agents verify that there are not external damages at baggage prior to accept them. If a defect is detected proceed to take at identification Limited release. Once the luggage is delivered at the airport, the airline is ultimate responsible for any possible damage or loss.

Is my personal information safe?

The information is stored and never shared with third parties except when necessary to provide the service you request. Our protocols are based on the Organic Law on Data Protection. See Privacy Policy

What if I carry an extra bag not notified in the reservation?

Any luggage not contracted can be checked-in on-site by paying the cost of the service with the corresponding surcharge (see Terms and Conditions).

However, if you have already made the payment of the reservation but the service has not been made yet, contact us indicating your reservation code so that, we can add and charge the additional luggage to the main service.