Then the general conditions of the website checktofly.com (CTF) are detailed.


With the acceptance of the present document Terms & Conditions, CTF is authorized to carry out on behalf of the client the transport of the luggage from its pick-up point to the airport, or vice versa, and the relevant arrangements with the airlines with which the customer travels including billing, labeling and baggage check to be deposited in the baggage handling system of the airport. From that moment the airline will be responsible for them.

These General Conditions are considered by read and accepted for registered users.


CTF provides check-in and luggage transport services from its collection point to airports or vice-versa.

CTF provides services as follows:

Manages the transportation of the pre-checked-in luggage from the origin agreed with customers to airports within the national territory and vice-versa.

Services requested through the website checktofly.com will only be accepted with a minimum advance of 48 hours.

In place agreed with customers, CTF performs the procedure luggage tag and seal the vehicle from the time of collection of luggage to the end of the journey when it will be directly introduced into the airport baggage facilities.

The service ends when the checked-in baggage is deposited in the baggage handling system of the airport. From that moment the responsibility for possible delays, losses or possible damage to the luggage will fall on the airline with which the customer has decided to travel, and CTF will not accept any subsequent claim.

Excess baggage, additional baggage and special baggage (golf clubs, skis, etc.) will be billed according to the prices indicated on the checktofly.com website and on the corresponding airline's website.

IMPORTANT- Destinations with API/ESTA requirements: In cases where it will be necessary to complete API / ESTA data, it will be the sole responsibility of the passengers to correctly indicate the information required in their reservations with the airline. The breach of this requirement by the client will make it impossible for CTF to perform the baggage check-in and transport service. In these cases, the amount of the reservation will not be refunded.


In case of incidents in the services provided, CTF will proceed as follows:

Unless proven otherwise, it will be understood that the services are in accordance with the contract provided they meet all the requirements expressed below:

  • The services provided must conform to the description and qualities indicated on the website of the service provider.
  • The services must conform to the description and qualities indicated on the website of the provider and must present the usual quality and performance of a service of the same type that the consumer and user can expect in a well-founded manner considering the nature of the service.

In case of doubts, please contact our customer service department through the section "Contact us"


The rates of services marketed by checktofly.com website:

Are shown in Euros (€).

May vary depending on the fluctuation of the market and will not be modified for services already contracted.

Do not include the excess weight of the checked bags, which in any case will be those stipulated by the airlines in which the customers fly (see the airline's website).

NOTE: If, at the time of service, additional baggage or excesses over the weights contracted by customers with the airlines in which they fly are detected, it will be regularized and charged both for the part of the CTF service and also the specific conditions established by airlines in their Terms and Conditions.

Once the service has been provided it will always be possible to make a refund of any payment made if the price charged would not have been the right one, either technical or human error.


Only changes in the hours and places of collection initially agreed will be accepted, communicating them with a minimum advance of 24 hours regarding the date of realization of the service.

The communication of any type of change or total or partial cancellation, must be made through the website in the section "Contact us"

Partial refunds: If they have to be made, they will not automatically change the unit price of the remaining group's service, unless the client decides to cancel the service and book it again (with the corresponding derived expenses).

Reservations issued by other sales channels or in accordance with rates other than direct marketing through the checktofly.com website may have different conditions of change or cancellation.

The cancellations or delays of the flights contracted by the client will be governed exclusively by the terms and conditions of the third parties that provide those services, for which CTF will not accept any responsibility for breaches in the provision of the same.

Once the service is done, the payment will not be totally orues partially reimbursed.


In the event of loss of content in baggage, loss, deterioration or theft of luggage due to causes attributable to the Company, the customer shall be indemnified as established in art. 57 of the Law 15/2009 of November 11 of Ordination of the Terrestrial Transports 16/1987 (LOTT). In the event of a loss, with 1/3 of the IPREM per day for each kilogram of gross weight of lost or damaged goods, or for their replacement value in the case of a lower amount. CTF will not be liable for indirect damages or loss of earnings or benefits.

Claims may be made in accordance with the provisions of Article 60 of the Law on the Terrestrial Transport Contract for goods 15/2009, at most during the 7 days following the date of the service.

CTF will not be responsible in any case for luggage damages (dents, scratches, stains, handles and/or broken wheels), once the luggage has been deposited at the airport and placed at the disposal of the airline.

Are specifically excluded from coverage, any claim for lack of luggage items, such as money, jewels, electronic and digital equipment, and documents or personal items of any kind.

CTF will not be considered responsible for breach of this contract in case of force majeure, disturbance, or total or partial strike of transportation agencies and / or communications, flood or fire. Any disagreement that may arise due to its validity, interpretation or execution, may be resolved in the Courts of Barcelona, to which exclusive attribution of competence is made.


For any claim you must contact CTF through your contact form in the section "Contact us" indicating the reasons for the claim and the reservation number or invoice. Upon receipt of the request, our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible for its assessment and resolution, with a maximum delay of 15 business days from receipt of the claim.


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